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Stock finish! All unit sold out!
Contract ends 24.04.2009.
No more stock!

----Below Market Price----

-Vostro 1200, 1310, 1510, 1710.
Suitable for small business laptop with simple networks.

-Latitude E-Family, D-Family, XT, ATG.
Suitable for Corporate-Class laptop.

-Precision M2400, M4400, M6400, M6400, M6300.
Suitable for professionals in industries such as design application and most powerful performance laptop.

-XPS M1330, M1530, M1730
Suitable for those who crave for multimedia leading-edge performance.
1. Vostro
-Business Basic: Vostro 220S
-Productivity: Vostro 220M
-Advanced Productivity: Vostro 420 Tower

2. Optiplex
Optiplex 160, 360, 760, 960, 740, 755

3. Precision
Precision T3400, T5400, T7400, R5400
Do we provide server.
-Tower server
-Rack Server
-Blade server
-Rack enclosure
We provide networking solution.
We provide printer solution.
We provide memories solution.
We provide projector solution.
We provide desktop & laptop assessories.
We provide speakers and headphones solution.

16" - 19" Widescreen
20" - 22" Widescreen
24" - 30" Widescreen
17" - 19" Flat Panel

M109S, 1209S, 1409X, M209X, 1609WX, 2400MP
-1320cn Network Colour Laser Printer
-948 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Any other assessories not listed, do email us. We will check from our stocks.

Delivery within Malaysia. Warranty Included.
Outside Malaysia no Warranty included. Shipment cost bare by Buyer. Please check your local supplier pricing and currency exchange.

Next year Project--> All Apple Product For sale. Below market price guaranteed.

For Design Specification, please leave your email indicating your interest or leave your details specs requirements. We will call you back and emailed you.

Your Trusted Supplier.


  1. monitor dell 24 inci ade stok? reply asap.
    maxis : 9767828
    email : ochampedro@yahoo.com

  2. monitor dell 24 inci ade stok? reply asap
    email : ctr231@yahoo.com

  3. How much is your XPS M1530, colours and specifications available?

  4. How much is your Dell XPS M1530?

    What are the colours available and specifications?

    Your best price?

    Email to zainalb@gmail.com