Hirudinea Leech

----Hirunidea Leech----

Leech therapy has a long history. Records indicate that Egyptians used leech therapy 3,500 years ago. Leech treatments were very popular during the Middle Ages. Again leech therapy became was commonly practiced in the 1800's by American physicians treating a variety of diseases.
However, the medicinal leech is making a comeback in modern medicine now. Leeches can be supplied to hospitals and research laboratories around the
world for many purposes.It can be used in traditional essential oils, plastic and reconstructive surgery, anaesthetic, hirudin theraphy, and even effective fishing bait & many more.

Here at the locals, many are looking for breeders to supply at a large quantity for export market as well as for Government tenders.
Many Land owners wish to embark in this business.

There are a lot of breeders who promises this statement: "We will also show to you how much is your revenue in 1 year and possible market to tap. We will assist you in exploring new markets available."

But what actually happen? It supposed to be booming but eventually dropping.

Attached picture of before and after baby leech engorged with Haemoglobin.

So, what actually happen?
Simple. I regards this as another failed projects. Some sees it as scam. I rather not.
Well, lets quickly study on this.
The leech that the locals own was not medicinal leech. It is just some leech species that sucks on buffalos. Available abundantly at paddy field.

The locals was so lazy. They do not want to import a good medicinal breed. Thus leaving them alternatives to get from the paddy field. It looks the same. But it is not.
For those who have experienced bitten by local leech, just to believe the locals that this leech able to fix diseases, now... look at the damages it had done. As i mentioned, the hundreds of sharp blade teeth was actually designed for buffalos.

So, this few group of locals trying to be creative by stirring the market, land owner, celebrities, many more and not forgetting the Government for subsidizing the locals for turning this into a big market. They called this Hirudinea extract. Yeah rite. Kiss my S. Malaysia was not ready for this. Probably in the next 10 years.

Ever since, i observed many are trying to take advantages by giving courses and trainings to locals hoping they will invest their cash into converting land and efforts to breed this. Problem is... many businessman here are not ready ..... they are still sleeping. Therefore, when this leech breeding business was a failure, many regards this as scam.

Just look at Steven Corner, Island Red Cafes, and the biggest Taiko.... Swisscash....
I have consistently stressed this... this jokers dont know what they doing....
Anyway, the big management already swallowed a huge chunk of money, i dont think this can be reversed.

But for leech business, there is still chance to reverse the damaged. You just need to think.

Thank you.


  1. Hi,

    So r u into tis business???

    Good money??


  2. No Ameer.
    I am not into this biz.
    There are few locals who donate their baby leech to me so that i can help to study the nature habitat and future business prospects.

  3. Are you telling us that medicinal leech not even close to 'feasible', let alone profitable? They're starting similar business up here in Jakarta - but no idea about what species of leech they're breeding. Thanks.