Best MLM and Network Marketing 2009


*****Please be noted that i am not attached to this company and am independent entrepreneur who studies effective marketing.*****

Today i personally award BEST MLM & NETWORK MARKETING for year 2009 to Ecosway for its Effective Marketing Approach.
Here is the summary of Ecosway and some advertisement. If you plan to join any MLM or Network Marketing, i hope you can consider this new Mutual Marketing Concept.


How Free Do You Want to Be?
Are you tired of trading your time for money ?
Are you ready to develop long-term passive income that will really last?
Would you like to earn extra legal income from multiple stream of income MOSI?
Would you like to earn an income from the efforts of an unlimited number of motivated people without having a single employee?

****The famous wealthy businessman, J. Paul Getty once said, “I would rather be paid 1% from the efforts of 100 other people than 100% from my own efforts.”****

Would you want to be like him?
Well here’s your chance!
Come check out Mutual Marketing™! It’s a business model like no other, and it’s the one that you can trust to help you live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Come and join Ecosway to see how different our 'Mutual Marketing' compare to conventional MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Avon, Cosway, etc.


Finally A Better Franchising. A Revolutionary New Concept in Global Franchise Ownership.

Launching new Franchise Concept in New Market Thailand, Indonesia and Korea on May 2009
Calling all new interested Business Owner.

Company Establishment: 30 Years.
Consumerism Product: Beauty, household, laundry, car care, herbal supplements, personal care & cosmetic, and many more.
Owns many outlets such as below:

Offices: Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia etc.

Ecosway are now inviting Business Owner to join our Franchise of consumerism product to market Quality Products at affordable prices.
Increase your customer buying power by:
1. More variety products & quality assured.
2. Open concept Franchise.
3. Gift for return customer.
4. No Startup cost.
5. Equipments, rental, utility bills is fully sponsored.
6. Mutual marketing concept.
7. Ecommerce compliance. Work from home. Online. Anytime. Everywhere. Globally.
8. Multiple source of income.

Franchise opportunities will be offered in more additional countries early of May 2009. More are coming your ways.
Grab this chance to be your own BOSS.
Strike when the field is still Green. Capture the market and do it your way with 5 figure monthly income.
Get even great income by sponsoring more Franchise owner.

(Company will investigate your proposed location of franchise to advise on traffic buying power)
(Business owner are required to study the location and be prepared for interview)

Come and join Ecosway to see how different our 'Mutual Marketing' compare to conventional MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Avon, Cosway, Nu Skin, etc.

Benefits as Ecosway member
1. Franchise Owner:

-Own a physical shop. Strategic location and easy access.
-Subsidized TV, rental, renovation, utility bills, internet, USD80,000 worth products.
-No promotional cost.
-No Upfront stock purchase.
-Get even greater income by sponsoring Franchise Owner.
-Great business opportunity for retiree.

2. Easy to recruit new member. Offers MOSI (Multiple Source Of Income):

-Franchise Retail income, Branch Overriding income, Extra Incentive Income, Branch Performance Income, etc
-Free phone calls (Umobile), Introducer income.
-Housing loan (Ambank), Introducer income.
-Turn your expenses into income (credit card Ambank) Free For Life, Gold, Silver, or Platinum up to you to choose. Only available from us nobody can offer you.
-Streamyx offer. Refer to your upline on this.

3. More returning customer – product affordable price with good quality.
Over 3000+ products. Monthly new products. New promotion.
4. Coupons for discount and redeem.
5. Own business globally.
6. E-Commerce compliance. Able to shop online. Work from home concept. Anywhere. Anytime. Globally. MSC Status awarded.
7. Accumulated points are easier to redeem prizes better than other merchant.
8. Auction prize.
9. Mutual marketing concept.
10. Free Website support.
11. More reward from Partner Merchant.

5Ps of marketing plan:
The Principles of Marketing in a unique, mutually supportive system that has proven to be highly successful in helping you with your business efforts.
1) Product
2) Price
3) Promotion
4) Physical Distribution
5) Plan

1) Product:
Approximate 3000 products. Tesco could have 6000 products. Don’t be surprised Ecosway will beat Walmart in near future.
Healthcare, Personal Care, Homecare, Autocare, Food, Fashion, Apparel, etc.

2) Price:
Affordable. Other merchants are over-priced. You name it, LAMP BERGER, HERBALIFE, AMWAY, etc its all extremely expensive. Reason behind it is because most $ goes to the upline due to their MLM or binary or hybrid, or matrix or whatsoever pyramid schemes that they are offering.

3) Promotion:
Monthly promotion no other merchant can copy. Because of this, Ecosway can afford to offer wide range of almost 3000 over products. You do not need to do sales. Customer will automatically choose wide ranges of product that suites them from the catalogue that is sent to their home with product explanation. Other merchant cannot offer this. For example, HERBALIFE cannot offer promotion as their members are forced to buy upfront stocks. If HERBALIFE offers promotion, then members will loose money.

4) Physical distribution:
More than hundreds of center in Malaysia and more than thousands Globally.
Ecosway are aiming to equal the distributions of 7-11 Globally. You do not need to deliver products. No need to keep stocks. All products can be obtained from Franchise Store all over the place. Online purchase will be delivered directly from Stores to your home. Unlike AMWAY, it is required for members to deliver to customer footstep. Such a mess.

5) No breakaway plan. Unlike TUPPERWARE company, we do not breakaway your level no matter how much you earn. Refer to your introducer for explanation. Ecosway are the best choice for freedom in business opportunities.

(All claims are easily obtained and referred from Internet)

Come....Lets peek into one of Ecosway MOSI Multiple Stream Of Income. Lets see what they have:-
Earn Up To RM90 For Each Introduced Subscriber.
Get Free 3G Phone & Free Phone Calls with U Mobile!
Subscribe to any U Mobile Rate Plans and turn something as fundamental as daily mobile phone usage into an extremely rewarding experience!

1. Earn MONEY when you introduce others who subscribe.
Get your friends and those in your network to sign up with U Mobile and earn an incentive of up to RM90 per line. The more people you introduce to subscribe to U Mobile, the more money you will make!

2. Enjoy free calls & SMSs within U Mobile's 018 network.
You can call everyone else in your network and friends for free by having them sign up as our Member, a Business Owner or a VIP Shopper and subscribe to U Mobile too! You can enjoy free calls among up to 5 family members who subscribe to U Mobile using your own Membership Account Number, Business Owner ID or VIP Shopper ID.

3. Enjoy special benefits with U Mobile Rate Plans:
• FREE 3G mobile phone with selected plans
• FREE voice and video calls, sms, mms within the 018 network
• Exclusive low call, SMS and MMS rates
• The convenience and benefits of a postpaid plan for as low as RM50 a month - a smart alternative to prepaid packages!
• And more (More details in the brochure and online.)

4 . Benefit from the latest 3G technology :
View and chat feature allows you to keep close to your network, friends and family. Great for product demonstrations and video conferences with your members and prospects.
NOTE: You can earn eV and CVPs when you pay for your package subscription and phone usage charges with your AmBank Credit Card.
Many more Multiple Source Of Income available here. Come join Ecosway.


So, who can do this? Anyone:
- Part-time at slow pace since there is no monthly quota to meet/no need to keep stocks. Who knows this will become a permanent income one day?
- People who want to start their own biz but have limited capital and do not know what to do.
- People who are retired - can make more friends.

Approximate target to open franchise store:
- 1,000 Malaysia
- 1,000 Korea
- 1,000 Indonesia
- 2,000 Thailand
- 1,000 Vietnam
- 1,000 Japan
- 1,000 Australia
- 500 Singapore
- other countries - HK, Australia, Spore, Myanmar , Philippines, South America, etc.

Ecosway will cover the following of behalf of Biz Owner:
- Rental
- Renovation
- Stocks
- Maintenance & repair (aircond, toilet, piping, etc)
- Electricity
- Monthly catalog & advertising material
- Computers
- Stationeries, furniture, carpet, projector, tv, etc

Requirement to open Franchise Store:
1) Must register as Biz Owner.
2) Presentable.
3) Age : 25yrs above.
4) Multi-Language preferred.
5) Computer Literate to operate the cashier machine.
6) Full Time involvement.
7) Operation Hours - 7 days a week, 12 hours a day
8) Refundable deposit - RM10k (this is in case you lost the stocks)
9) Guarantor - earning RM5k/month (Australia dont need guarantor)

Profit for Biz Owner
1) Retail Profit up to 23%
Additional: 1st - 6th months = 5% + 5%
6 months onwards = first RM30k 10%, subsequent = 5%

2) Branch Overriding.
3) Extra Branch Incentive.
4) Performance Incentive.
5) eV - this is points accumulated when customers buys products from the store.
eg: if we have 8,000eV (approximately RM80k), we earn additional RM3k~RM8k.

6) Walk-in Customers - they will sign up as VIP shopper from the store to enjoy special discount. RM30 annually - they will get discount coupon/redemption points, etc.
eg: if we have 80 new VIP registration, we earn additional RM500 & above.

7) e-Centre - we earn 5% from the total VIP registration fees.
eg : 1000 VIP x RM30 x 5% = RM1,500/month.

8) Multiple Stream Of Income: uMobile, Ambank Credit Card, Streamyx, Housing Loan, etc etc etc.

9) Most profitable income : introduce people to open store/ people get people.
if we can get 2 people to open store (either directly find by us or even after a few years, our downline found someone who open stores), we will earn min RM7,350 every month continuously

if we can get 4 people to open store (either directly find by us or even after a few years, our downline found someone who open stores), we will earn min RM28,350 every month continuously

if we can get 8 people to open store (either directly find by us or even after a few years, our downline found someone who open stores), we will earn min RM73,500 every month continuously

Come and join us to see how different our Mutual Marketing compare to conventional MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Avon, Cosway, etc.

Here is some Malay Language advertisements:


Ecosway sedang membuka peluang kepada rakyat Malaysia untuk menjadi rakan kedai franchais kepada perniagaan mereka. Ecosway merancang untuk menubuhkan sekurangnya 1000 outlet kedai di seluruh negara Malaysia.

Konsep perniagaan Ecosway adalah kedai yang beroperasi 12 jam sehari dari pukul 10.00 pagi hingga 10 malam. Premis perniagaan adalah terletak ditingkat bawah yang memudahkan pelanggan untuk berurusniaga.

Dengan adanya kedai Ecosway ini yang beroperasi seperti kedai-kedai biasa maka pelanggan yang bukan ahli juga boleh berbelanja di kedai Franchais Ecosway.
Di kedai Franchais Ecosway, pelanggan biasa juga boleh berbelanja tanpa perlu menjadi ahli. Terdapat banyak pilihan produk dari 3000 berbagai katogeri untuk pilihan pelanggan.
Sekiranya berminat pelanggan juga boleh memilih untuk menjadi ahli VIP dengan yuran keahlian RM30 sahaja setahun. Sebagai ahli VIP mereka berpeluang untuk mendapat voucher belian dan juga menikmati tawaran istimewa dari Ecosway.

Anda juga boleh menjadikan konsep Ecosway Franchais sebagai sumber pendapatan dengan menjadi ahli Business Owner (BO). Selain dari menikmati harga ahli, anda juga boleh membina rangkaian perniagaan anda dan menikmati bonus perniagaan yang menarik dari Ecosway.

Konsep Ecosway adalah berdasarkan “Mutual Marketing” yang berlainan daripada konsep MLM yang lain seperti Amway, Herbalife, NuSkin, Avon, Tupperware, Cosway atau sebagainya.
Tawaran membuka kedai franchais oleh Ecosway.

1. Wanita berumur 25 – 50 tahun.
2. Mempunyai kemahiran mengendalikan komputer.
3. Mempunyai semangat yang tinggi untuk menjalankan perniagaan.
4. Sanggup bekerja sepenuh masa untuk memajukan perniagaan.
5. Boleh berbahasa Inggeris dengan baik.
6. Mendapatkan lokasi perniagaan yang berdaya maju.
7. Keuntungan : 10% dari jualan bulanan franchais anda.

Sebab – sebab kenapa anda perlu memilih Franchais Ecosway:

1. Deposit yang rendah – hanya RM10,000 sahaja dengan 2 Guarantol.
2. Produk – stok yang bernilai 200,000 hingga RM300,000.
3. Renovation – ditanggung oleh syarikat sepenuhnya.
4. Sewa premis – juga ditanggung oleh syarikat dengan syarat dan terma.
5. Produk yang berkualiti tinggi dan telah dikenali ramai.
6. Rangkaian produk yang berbagai jenis dengan harga yang rendah.
7. Baru 83 franchais dibuka diseluruh negara, peluang terbuka luas.
8. Pasaran bumiputera yang masih lagi belum diterokai.
9. Akan diperluaskan hingga ke Indonesia, Thailand, Singapura, Brunei dll.
10. Boleh membina rangkaian perniagaan ke pasaran global.

Ini adalah lebih untung berbanding dengan Kedai Franchise yang lain seperti McDonald, KFC, Starbuck, atau Old Town yang mencecah hampir setengah juta Ringgit.

Mengapa anda perlu menjadi ahli perniagaan Franchais Ecosway?

1. Ecosway mempersembahkan Konsep Baru dalam Pemilikan Perniagaan.

2. Ecosway pada asasnya ditubuhkan - sejak 1979 - keahlian melebihi 400 000 ahli.Jualan melebihi RM300 juta setahun. Modal berbayar RM160 juta. Modal dibenarkan RM550 juta.Tersenarai di papan UTAMA BSKL kaunter.

3. Ecosway dilancarkan pada Oktober 2001 untuk pasaran antarabangsa - pasaran global. Mendapat MSC status - diiktiraf kerajaan Malaysia.

4. Terdapat lebih daripada 85 Franchais stokis di seluruh Malaysia(mudah membeli barang di tempat anda-utk pembelian secara biasa). Sudah terdapat cawangan di peringkat antarabangsa - Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei,Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Australia dan lain-lain. Pendaftaran keahlian secara online boleh dibuat dari seluruh dunia!!!

5. Gabungan MLM tradisional dan E-Dagang Pemasaran Bersama (Mutual marketing).

6. Perbezaan dengan syarikat MLM yang lain - kebanyakan syarikat MLM mahukan kita menjual barangan yang terhad pada harga yang tinggi. Seperti contoh Amway , Herbalife, NuSkin, Avon dan lain lain. Ini sememangnya susah untuk meyakinkan orang dan susah memastikan jualan ulangan.

7. Ecosway bergantung pada belanja sedia ada - jauh lebih mudah berbanding menjual produk tradisi industri MLM.

8. Ecosway mempersembahkan Konsep baru dalam Pemilikan Perniagaan - Belanja & Untung.

9. Pelbagai Produk dan Perkhidmatan ditawarkan dari Ecosway. Laman web, baucer, kad kredit, kad ganjaran dan banyak lagi.

10. Pelbagai Produk berkualiti pada harga yang berpatutan -hampir TIDAK terhad - Penjagaan Rumah, Makanan Kesihatan, Penjagaan kulit dan Peribadi, Penjagaan Kereta, Barangan Dapur dan pelbagai lagi.

11. Belanja dan untung melalui kad kredit dan kad debit Ambank(Konvensional & Syariah-AlTaslif) – Bil telefon, elektrik(TNB), Astro, Restoran, Hotel, Melancong, Pasaraya, Butik, Salun rambut, Kedai Runcit,Yuran Kolej, Kedai Buku, Kedai Bunga, Stesen Minyak, Stokis Cosway, Laman Web eCosway dan lain-lain. Setiap ahli juga layak mendapat komisen bila memperkenalkan orang lain membuat kad kredit.

12. Belanja dan untung melalui kad cash in merchant-eCosway Rewards - sama fungsi seperti kad Bonuslink dan Real Rewards.

13. Pakej Barangan Terkenal 1 - Baucer tunai-dapatkan di mana-mana Franchise stores Ecosway sebelum pergi berbelanja di Mc Donald, Parkson, HSL elektric, SenHeng, Watsons, Orlando, Vincci, Focus Point dan Clara untuk mendapat point bonus eV nanti di dalam penyata bulanan anda.

14. Pakej Barangan Terkenal 2 - Belian melalui laman web eCosway anda sendiri dengan harga yang lebih murah daripada harga pasaran-Rado, Paker, CK, Dunhill, Gucci dan lain-lain. Perbelanjaan anda mendapat point bonus eV nanti di dalam penyata bulanan anda.

15. Pakej Telekomunikasi - reload prepaid card melalui Onepoint - menjual semua kad prepaid - 012, 013, 014, 016, 017, 018, 019, ring-ring card, jaring, red tone, i-talk dll.

16. Pakej Telekomunikasi - postpaid DiGi-mendapat eV point apabila mendaftar 100 - 130 eV(electronic volume) point.

17. Pakej Insuran 1 - oleh Pan Global - insuran kenderaan bermotor- secara ansuran tanpa interest,termasuk cukai jalan - kereta ehsan selama 3 hari(kawasan terpilih).

18. Pakej Insuran 2 - oleh Berjaya General Insurance Berhad - Insuran Perubatan dan Insuran Kemalangan peribadi.

19. Ecosway juga menawarkan Ganjaran Pembeli yang menarik sekali supaya anda boleh menjemput orang yang hanya mahu menikmati penjimatan peribadi dan ganjaran pembeli ke dalam rangkaian anda.Maksudnya lebih eV untuk anda.

20. Hadiah Pembeli 1- Kupon Penebusan -Redemption Coupon(RC)
RM30=1RC, RM60=2RC, RM90=3RC, RM150=5RC + 8RC(diposkan), RM250=8RC + 12RC(diposkan), setiap RM100 lebih daripada RM250 dapat 4RC tambahan lagi. *RC tambahan juga akan diberi lagi mengikut promosi barangan tertentu.

21. Hadiah Pembeli 2- Nilai Mata Kad Kredit, Kad Debit dan Kad Cash in Merchant -(CVP). RM100=2CVP(Partner Merchant), RM100=1CVP(kedai-kedai lain). *CVP diberi berdasarkan jumlah perbelanjaan terkumpul bulanan.

22. Hadiah Pembeli 3- Nilai Mata (VP) - 1 barang dalam talian internet=1VP.

23. Kupon Penebusan(RC), Nilai Mata Kad(CVP) dan Nilai Mata(VP) boleh ditukarkan dengan barang-barang yang disenaraikan dalam Buku Katalog Penebusan.

24. Lelongan CVP yang menarik - Boleh membeli barangan lelong dgn hanya US1.00 melalui website anda secara percuma.

25. Buku katalog barangan promosi- percuma setiap bulan dipos ke alamat anda.

26. Akaun anda dapat diwarisi oleh ahli keluarga anda sampai bila-bila.

27. Setiap pembelian RM50 dapat 1RP - Redemption Point.(diskaun hebat berkali ganda murah-tidak perlu tunggu harga promosi) dan 1 kupon dan jika pembelian RM60 dapat 1RP dan 2 kupon.
Once again, i am not attached to Ecosway, and if you plans to be involved, i will route you to one of the top leader whom i interviewed.

God Bless.

Wish You Best All The Way..


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  2. Apa khabar
    Sungguh kagum dengan Ecosway
    Izinkan saya perkenalkan diri.
    Saya seorang camp conductor dan bercadang ingin menawarkan kepakaran saya kepada ahli anda bila perkhdimatan saya diperlukan. Kos yuran kursus yang saya kenakan ialah RM10 seorang/jam.
    Saya juga menawarkan program Motivation Xtream dalam empat bahasa: Mandarin , English , Malay, Indonesia

    Salam hormat

    Abang Suria