Franchise - Business Opportunity

----Franchise - Business Opportunity----

Company Establishment: 30 Years.
Consumerism Product: Beauty, household, laundry, car care, herbal supplements, personal care & cosmetic, and many more.
Offices: Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia.

We are now inviting Business Owner to join our Franchise of consumerism product to market Quality Products at affordable prices.
Increase your customer buying power by:
1. More variety products & quality assured.
2. Open concept Franchise.
3. Gift for return customer.
4. Minimal entry cost.
5. Equipments, rental, utility bills is fully sponsored.

Franchise opportunities will be offered in Thailand early of May 2009.
Grab this chance to be your own BOSS.
Strike when the field is still Green. Capture the market and do it your way with 5 figure monthly income.

Company will investigate your proposed location of franchise to advise on traffic buying power.
Business owner are required to study the location and be prepared for interview.

Interested parties, please drop me an email at:

or refer to:



  1. Hi,

    How does the overseas franchise program works ?

  2. It works the same all over the countries. If you came across Ecosway in your respective country, please enquire more details from them. They should be able to help.

  3. how if i instrested want to apply for the franchies

  4. how if i insterested to apply for the franchies

  5. dear kay,
    i heard about the ecosway concept store recently.
    but i have a little confuse on the percentage of earning through the growing business.
    can u give me some explanation on the percentage and incentives?
    i really have the heart in the business,
    please reply as soon as possible.
    thank you

  6. PLease send your inquiries to kj.kayjay@yahoo.com
    I will reply you asap. Thanks.

  7. Latest news that i heard was the profit percentage has been reduced to 5% instead of 10%. It can be quite a challeging time esp. 4 the first few months of running the store

  8. Hi Mr Kami,
    Latest news has a lot of goodies. My closest guess is that you heard about this little news from someone else or you never paid attention at all. You will need to refer back to your upline regarding the full latest news.
    A lot of things had been changed. This is necessary to help member to increase more profit margins. I believe your supervisor has the complete slides to share out. Do refer back to him for more explanation. Thanks.

  9. hi...can i know izzit networking reli important during interview?
    if i just hv below 10 BO only,will i fail for the interview?

  10. This franchise eCosway program can make money or not? I just resigned from my job. Now looking for business opportunity. I want to learn more. Is it true that the cost of rent, reno are fully sponsored?

    If my area already has a Cosway stockist (not eCosway) can I still apply? What is the difference between Cosway and eCosway?


  11. Already replied you email. Please check.

  12. Bro,

    I am just inquiring, I assume you are an eCosway Business Owner. Up until today how many of your 'downline' BO have manage to open an eCosway Shoppe?


  13. Hi,

    I am keen to explore this business opportunity. I have dropped you an email. Appreciate your kind advice.


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  15. Hi,

    I am keen to know more and how to start this business opportunity. Do provide me with more info if possible. Thanks.


  16. Pls email me more infor regarding how to open my own bussiness in ecosway shops. thank you. setsuna_hanako@hotmail.com

  17. Life's really hard these days. We have to make sure that every penny we spent's worth it. That's why it's best to look out for business opportunity that can help us go about living.

  18. Hai,

    i would like to know how to start this ecosway?

    How much cash i need to start?

    where can get good training since i stay in seremban


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