How To Be Too Good In Closing Sales.

a) Key principles of Consultative or Solutions-based Selling
b) Where and how to prospect 'intelligently' for potential customers
c) The importance of qualifying potential customers
d) Critical selling skills when interacting with customers
e) How to overcome sales objections especially during the current market scenario
f) Techniques to fully understand customers' investment requirements
g) Importance of building customer relationships for future opportunities
h) Understand Motivational Selling: What makes customer buy?
i) How to strengthen sales person's perceived value during customer interactions
j) Does customers' personalities influence the sale
k) What is EQ and why is it important in Sales
l) Becoming a more successful sales person
m) How to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for better performance
n) Emotions determine our behaviours, which dictates our performances
o) Strengthening customer relationships with EQ techniques
p) Key Sales Closing techniques
q) Why must we align mindsets with that of customers

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